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You’ll float, too, once you see the deadlights of “IT: Chapter Two”. It’s the psychological thriller that personifies fear, coming back for more fearful hearts. 

The reappearance of the devious Pennywise the Clown adds more jump scares and horrifically graphic images to Pennywise’s gauntlet. Pennywise comes back with more gruesome kill scenes as well. 

This movie is an amazing sequel to “IT: Chapter One”! The changes in Pennywise’s kill scenes, the petrifying new forms he takes on and how he stalks and hunts his prey dramatically changes coming into “IT: Chapter Two.” It is an amazingly scary thriller of a movie that not only leads the audience to be scared for the characters in the storyline, but also scared for themselves. 

“IT: Chapter Two” is part of a phobia inducing collection of movies alongside “Jaws” and “Cujo” that has made a huge mark on people, and on me as well. In the theater, I found myself curling into my boyfriend’s arm so he could shield me from the terrors on the screen. I found myself sitting in a state of unease and dealing with a sense of foreboding building up all around me. I know that there was nothing wrong, nothing bad was going to happen… but yet, I still couldn’t wipe away this sense of danger that my sympathetic nervous system was trying so desperately to warn me about. 

All in all, “IT: Chapter 2” is an absolute jump scare nightmare. If I have to rate both the movie and its horror claim, I would rate both a five out of five. The cinematography in the horror scenes was too perfect to rate it as anything less. 

Nathan Fish

“IT: Chapter 2” is a horror movie that was released on September 6. The movie was based on the 1986 novel “It” by Stephen King. The movie was written by Gary Dauberman and directed by Andy Muschietti. In just the first five days of release, “IT: Chapter 2” grossed a worldwide total of $213 million. 

“IT: Chapter 2” follows the characters from the previous movie, “IT,” released in 2017. The kids from the previous movie are now grown-ups and the evil clown Pennywise has returned, hungrier than ever. Now you get to follow the cast transform from children into adults as they face more terror and fight against their fears to save many innocent lives in their hometown to prevent others from experiencing their pain. 

The movie had a great feeling of uncertainty to it and left me in shock any time something went down. The movie did well in balancing humor with fear, though they could have used less profanity. That being said, this movie gets five out of five stars because of the unique ways of invoking uncertainty and terror. 

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Caity Baker-Worsley is a senior Psychology major and is a radio DJ and assistant web editor for Tower Media. She loves K-POP and anything to do with the Korean culture.

My name is Nathanael E. Fish. I am a junior pursuing a degree for Multimedia Communications and am currently working with the Tower Web and Radio as a reporter and a DJ.

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