"Paradise" by Elohim


This quirky and catchy jam is worthy of rolled-down windows on late nights while belting out the lyrics. The music is an edgy electropop combined with attractive acoustic instruments that create a new genre of sound altogether. With that said, the song could easily become a classic.

The song structure is simple and easy to follow, while the atmosphere does a good job of capturing and surrounding the listener. Elohim’s voice is a bit breathy and lacks support throughout the entirety of the song. However, her tone and expression are appropriate for the genre. The violins featured in the chorus are probably my favorite part of the song because they are  a complementary contrast to the sound she has made. 

Another trait featured in this song is the percussive rhythm each instrument possesses, from the cute, simple beat in the beginning to the straight-eight noted bass in the chorus. Every instrument and voice complement each other rhythmically.

Overall, the sound Elohim produced with this track was simple, intriguing and wonderfully percussive.

Elohim provides a poor explanation of her eagerness for “Paradise.” Both verses and the bridge only contains four lines of text and the rest is just the pre-chorus and the chorus repeated. I wouldn’t mind the lack of words if the meaning behind the words were more thought-provoking, but they’re not. In my opinion, the only section that provides any meaning is the pre-chorus. 

“Everybody’s moving in line. Everybody’s losing their minds. Everybody’s searching for their own paradise.” I particularly like the double correlation of the first two lines, how “moving in line” almost exactly rhymes with “losing their minds”. Plus, the idea that everyone is looking for something to ease their stress is oddly encouraging.

Essentially the message of the song is longing and searching for “paradise,” but the eagerness of finding this paradise is vaguely present. 

Taking the whole song into consideration, I would listen to this jam rather frequently. I give this a solid three and a half flames out of five. 

You can listen to this song with any major streaming service.

Photo still-shot from official music video



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