June 12, 2021
Chronicles of the Lost Sock in KB 107: chapter 7, the wonderful WAB of CBC

Chronicles of the Lost Sock in KB 107: chapter 7, the wonderful WAB of CBC

Amid my loneliness, a helpful pair of feet came by and greeted me excitedly. I responded with equally enthusiastic silence. The feet suddenly picked me up, and soon, we were off on an adventure together, the likes of which a sock has never dared embark upon before.

We left the Cooper Complex, and we were off to see the WAB, the wonderful WAB of CBC! It was monstrously big, and I was scared to go inside, but one should never underestimate the bravery of a lost sock.

Once inside, the feet and I journeyed up these curious structures called stairs. It was as if the floor had forgotten how to stay on the ground, and triumphantly leaped up from its gravitational confines to reach untold heights! If only I could do the same…

The good news is, I made a friend on my journey through the stairs! He smiled at me, very happy to meet a sock for the first time, and I asked him to join us on our travels, but sadly, he was afraid of traveling and decided to stick where he was. But the courage of a lost sock does not fade so easily.

Once we had ascended the labyrinthine stairs, we traveled to the outskirts of a room, a room which must have contained hundreds of feet! Intrigued, I went in for a closer look…

Oh no! I think one of them spotted me! Time to go!

On the way out, we hurriedly visited the room where the fate of the universe is decided…

And met a creature claiming to be R2D2, the famous explorer of the realm beyond the sky (which I have heard is the realm beyond the ceiling)!

I also caught a glimpse of the mystical Bruce Hall…

And pretty soon, we were back home, safe and sound!

We just barely made it. Stepping outside of KB 107 and into the big, wide world isn’t a task for the faint of heart. But as long as there are new realms to be explored, this is one lost sock who won’t back down from an adventure!

Photo by Cade Griffith

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