June 12, 2021


Full-time student, part-time author Photo by Cora Lentz
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Full-time student, part-time author

Sophomore Faith Birmingham has just self-published her first novel, “Bloodline,” written when  she was in eighth grade. The novel came from a competition with a friend to see who could come up with a better book idea. Birmingham said she wrote every chance could get until the project became much…

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Top 10 Chilling Reads Photo by Kat Carson
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Top 10 Chilling Reads

Although the media has a powerful way of creating vivid images, sometimes there is nothing more terrifying than the work of our own minds. From early English literature to modern scares, here are 10 of the best chilling reads for the end of October and dark days. “Desperation” by Steven…

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Graduate Jake Tyson signs with Ambassador International
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Graduate Jake Tyson signs with Ambassador International

Jake Tyson, a 2018 Central Baptist College graduate, has signed a contract with Ambassador International for his debut novel, Vigilante’s Light. Tyson said he began writing Vigilante’s Light in the fall of 2018, shortly after he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. “It came together surprisingly fast,…

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