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Return to the Routine

The smell of coffee on campus, the muddy footprints in the hallways, the snores of students in their 8 a.m. classes. School is back in session here at Central Baptist College.

For most, coming back from the winter break was a hit on their sleeping schedule, and for junior resident assistant Stephanie Battles it has been no different.

“I have to wake up earlier than I did when I was on break, and it has been rough because I can’t go to sleep until after midnight every night,” Battles says.

Resident assistants at CBC have to keep their floors in order, which includes monitoring curfew, quiet hours, and room checks.

Coffee is known as a preferred method of keeping awake in today’s age, but not for Battles.

“I’ve tried several different kinds [of coffee], but have never liked any. I drink different kinds of juices the most,” Battles says.

Battles says she was excited to come back from the long break and that being away from her friends caused her to miss them.

Someone else who doesn’t prefer coffee to keep her going is sophomore Hopi Horvat.

“My sleep schedule has been a little crazy,” Horvat says. “I went to bed really late over break, so I am trying to get used to going to bed at a reasonable hour again!”

Horvat said she is more of a morning person than a night person, so waking up hasn’t been something she has struggled with.

“I think I will get back into a normal school routine after the first full week of classes. I will have more of a mindset that is focused on school,” Horvat says.

Horvat likes the way CBC’s schedule is set up to allow the longer breaks instead of the short ones every couple of weeks as some public colleges do. This is known as “block scheduling” where students take only one course for three to four weeks and then have a week off before beginning a new course.

“I live far from home, so when I do go home, I like staying for a while without worrying about school at all,” Horvat explains.

Junior Courtney Rackley, along with the softball team, had to be back an extra eight days before school started.

“I think coming back early for softball has helped our team get together and workout some kinks ahead of time, but we have more things to focus on now with school being back in,” Rackley says. “Instead of just being able to focus on softball, we have to balance 2-3 practices some days, classes and homework.”

Rackley has found it harder to get to sleep in the different environment and the smaller sized bed, but with one semester at CBC under her belt, she says she is ready for this new one.


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Authored by Gabrielle Mueller.