June 12, 2021
Students fight pandemic Photo curtesy of Sara McGee

Students fight pandemic

On Dec. 14, the front line of defense was given armor when doctors and health care workers received the first Pfizer vaccine, aimed to stop the COVID-19. To help protect those in the medical field from further spread of the virus, personnel were strongly encouraged to take the Pfizer vaccine. On Dec. 21, senior Sara McGee was vaccinated.

“ I had a great experience getting the vaccine,” said McGee. “This is coming from a person who hates needles.”

After a short line and a painless shot, she was finished. The only lasting effects noted in her experience was a sour arm and slight drowsiness, to which she accredited her body producing antibodies. 

“It’s been pretty stressful working in the medical field during this time,” said McGee.

As a medical assistant at Russell Dermatology of Conway, contact is a constant. With medical practices still needing to be completed, exposure is a constant question for McGee as well as being tasked with handling visitors who do not agree with clinic guidelines. Although frustrations with the situations arise, McGee focuses on the positives.

“I’m thankful that God has so far protected our clinic from any major outbreak,” said McGee.

Due to the steps taken within the medical field, an end to the spread of the virus may be in sight.

“I know that modern science and technology is so advanced and I believe that we have the ability to create a safe and effective vaccine in a short amount of time,” she said.

Although the vaccine is recommended, many still believe that it should not be mandatory. 

“Getting or not getting the vaccine is a choice that you should make,” said McGee, who believed that this is not something to be forced, but chosen after prayer and research. 

With many questions and concerns of long term effects circling, McGee is opting to put her faith in God rather than her own anxieties. 

“I’m trusting that He will protect me and all those who get it,” she said.

For more information on the vaccine visit the Center of Disease Control. 

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