June 12, 2021
Fall fun at the Riddle farm

Fall fun at the Riddle farm

Fall Hay Day is a long standing tradition at CBC, and this year it continued with a crowd of at least 60 people. With food, games and activities, Fall Hay Day is a favorite among the students and staff.

Held at the farm of Jeff Riddle, PE department chair, the event has hayrides, s’mores and a large fire.

Junior Shelby Cuthbertson attended Fall Hay Day for the first time this year.

“My favorite thing was getting to see everyone and catch up. As you get older, you can’t be involved with other responsibilities, so it’s nice to have an event that most people go to,” Cuthbertson said.

Sophomore Averi Ratliff has gone to Fall Hay Day for the second year in a row, and she said she has fun every time.

“Watching people bob for apples has to be one of my favorite things!” Ratliff said.

Ratliff said many faculty attended with their children, and she enjoyed engaging with instructors outside of the classroom.

“It was cool because it showed us how much they care about us, that they would come out to hang out with us on their off time,” said Ratliff.

Junior Reagan Goode said the apple bobbing is a new addition to the night, along with horseshoes and a hay bale jumping contest.

Goode’s favorite part was having people in one place and enjoying time with them.

“With everyone having different majors and a bunch of different responsibilities, it was good to hang out and enjoy each other’s company,” Goode said.

Photo by Bailey McElyea

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