June 12, 2021
ComiCon-way: a whole new realm

ComiCon-way: a whole new realm

ComiCon-way is an event where those devoted to the worlds of fantasy and sci-fi gather.

Hosted in November of every year, this convention meets at the Faulkner County Library and the Conway Expo Center and the cost of admission is only $5 on the most expensive day.

Vendors offer everything from fandom-themed soaps and candles to handmade, geeky Valentine cards. The booths offer merchandise that cater to a great many fandoms. Anime products exist in abundance. Steampunk costume pieces are available for all fans to purchase.

Freshman Nick Duckett attended the event and discovered an upcoming author, LaKendrick Bernard West Jr.

“He is writing a new series that I feel like should be mentioned. It is really good. That was unexpected,” said freshman Duckett.

West came to ComiCon-way this year to sell his new American manga series, Rocket Driver Yubi, a work-in-progress series. Many CBC students who attended the Con went to West’s booth to talk to him and walked away carrying a passel of books, each bearing the signature of this new author.

“I had a lot of fun,” said sophomore Alejandro Mendoza. “I saw a variety [of cosplayed] Rick and Morty’s, a really good Benjamin Carmine, a kid dressed up at SubZero.”

Mendoza said he plans on going to ComiCon-way next year because he enjoyed the environment and the many interesting articles for sale.

This year, ComiCon-way was a spectacle of cosplayed characters. The people who came in costumes dressed up from many animes, video games, cartoons and as magical beings. Entering the venue was like entering an alternate world.

“They appreciated my Waluigi costume,” said sophomore Josh Burns. He said he enjoyed watching the reactions of those who had never seen a Waluigi cosplay.

Voice actors, board game creators, American manga writers and cartoonists all came as guests to this year’s Con.

ComiCon-Way draws people from all over the state. This convention offers both memories and merchandise.

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