March 5, 2021
CBC Recognizes Students at Academic Awards Ceremony

CBC Recognizes Students at Academic Awards Ceremony

On Sunday, April 23, CBC held an academic awards ceremony to recognize students of outstanding academic achievements. These awards included the President’s and Dean’s list students from Fall 2016, for both traditional and PACE students.
In addition to these awards, several departmental awards were given out, recognizing students who were outstanding in their specific fields of study. A scholarship from the Arkansas Society of CPAs was also offered this year. This new award was specific for business students. Junior Zach Siebenmann was the recipient of the scholarship.
“I was honored that I was recommended for and awarded this scholarship,” Siebenmann says.
Siebenmann plans to use the scholarship to help pay for school and other expenses in the coming semesters.
Also recognized were students who received an induction into Alpha Chi, a group of the top ten percent of juniors and seniors in the entire country. Alpha Chi inductees were given a certificate as well as a pin to commemorate this achievement. Junior Reagan Goode was one of those recognized for Alpha Chi. Goode said she was honored by the recognition.
“It really made me appreciate all the hard work that I’ve put into school and my classes,” Goode says. “I think it will also make me work hard in the future because I want to continue to be a part of Alpha Chi and represent myself and CBC well.”
Goode says that she puts a lot of effort into her schoolwork, especially with the busyness in her schedule. Goode is part of the band program at CBC, and also works at a daycare after school.
“I know that overall, I wouldn’t be able to do it if it wasn’t for my relationship with God,” says Goode. “Going into this year, I knew that it would be busy and I really did have to hand it over to Him and trust that He would give me the time and energy I needed.”

Junior Savannah Graham holding her award. Photo by Mary Rice

Another group of students recognized at the ceremony was those who were nominated to be part of Who’s Who among college students. One Who’s Who nominee was junior Savannah Graham. Graham says she was thankful to be recognized as part of Who’s Who.
“There are so many people at CBC that have good character, are intentional with others and that work really hard in their classes,” Graham says. “To be chosen means that you do these things, and it means that showing integrity is most important.”
For students who hope to receive recognition in one or more of these areas in the future, each of the nominees have advice.
“Make sure to put in the work,” Siebenmann says, “particularly in accounting classes.”
Siebenmann says to stay engaged in class, complete all assignments and put in the study time needed to grasp the concepts and succeed.
“Work hard and persevere,” Goode says. “College is hard and trying to balance it all is hard, but it can be done.”
Goode also says students should remember to rely on Christ as they attempt to go through school because having His peace makes it easier.
Graham says students who want to be recognized as Who’s Who should try to be involved on campus, make friends and work hard at school.
“Have good character and show integrity in everything you do,” says Graham.

Photo by Mary Rice

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