December 2, 2021

Josh Burns

Raya and the Last Dragon Still-Shot from Official Trailer
Movies, Opinion

Raya and the Last Dragon

Reporter's note: I felt the need to mention the recent discrimination against Asian Americans since last March. I am reviewing this movie based on the story, animation, script, voice acting and the creator's ideas. My review is not a political statement. I wish this movie was of higher quality. My…

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“If I cannot fly, let me sing.”
Campus Life, Music, Opinion

“If I cannot fly, let me sing.”

Community struggles to be felt in fine arts as students are separated. Attempting to sing or play an instrument during COVID is awkward, annoying and aggravating.  During the first week of school in August, I enjoyed the time that I had free that would typically be spent in band or…

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The Social Dilemma Still-Shot from Official Trailer

The Social Dilemma

The first shot in "The Social Dilemma" shows Tristan Harris, former Google design ethicist, checking his phone. This simple shot reveals the central message of this entire documentary. This documentary can be streamed on Netflix. The first time I watched this film I didn't even give a second thought to…

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All roads point to Mustangs Photo by Lena Srdanov
Features, Student Features

All roads point to Mustangs

The week before freshman Lindsey Ebarb was to leave for Southern Arkansas University, a truck hit her car and totaled it. Originally from Cedarville, just outside of Fort Smith, Ebarb was planning to attend SAU in Magnolia with intentions to play softball and be on the dance team. But, according…

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Top 10 shows for quarantine Graphic by Hannah London on Canva
Entertainment, Movies, TV Shows

Top 10 shows for quarantine

What does the coronavirus quarantine mean? For some, it's an attempt to remain active with workouts or whatever else one can do to stay active inside their own home. For me, quarantine mostly involves sitting in front of a screen watching "The Office" or "My Hero Academia".  This is simply…

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Andrew Krisell Photo by Allison Mantooth
Campus Feature, Features, Student Features

Andrew Krisell

Andrew Krisell is one of the handful of twins on CBC's campus. "I don't have a twin," said Krisell. Him and his brother are from Greenbrier. Before attending CBC, Krisell jumped ahead by taking college classes and is now technically a sophomore even though this is his first year of…

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Top 10 Romantic Movies Graphic by Hannah London on Canva
Entertainment, Movies, Opinion

Top 10 Romantic Movies

I did my best to put together my top 10 favorite romantic movies. "Your Name" (2016) Makoto Shinkai explains the mystery of loss and love in this Japanese animated sci-fi romance in under two hours. Taki, a 17 year old boy living in Tokyo, and Mitsuha, a girl the same…

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Top 15 Romantic Songs Graphic by Hannah London on Canva
Entertainment, Music, Opinion

Top 15 Romantic Songs

Ever since mankind could speak and sing, love has been the apple of poetry’s eye. I have put forth my best efforts to compile a list of my 15 favorite love songs from across the years.  "Endless Love" - Lionel Richie and Diana Ross (1981) My parents are to blame…

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