April 16, 2021

Emma Reddin

Gratitude as an act of worship Photo by Cora Lentz
Opinion, Religion

Gratitude as an act of worship

The holidays are coming around again, this time with more spice and flavor. Elections have just wrapped up, COVID-19 cases are on the rise and countries’ borders are still not fully open. As Thanksgiving draws closer, living a life of gratitude is becoming more and more imperative. The American people…

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Distinguishing the danger in times of terror Photo by Mallory Sullivan
Holidays, Opinion, Religion

Distinguishing the danger in times of terror

Scary masks and playful disguises run around most neighborhoods during one of the most controversial nights of the year. Oct. 31 has sparked many discussions over what Christians should embrace in the world of celebration.  Many point to the celebration’s history of appeasing demons and witches as the reason Christians…

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Jesus over baseball Photo by Allison Mantooth
Features, Student Features

Jesus over baseball

“Dude looks like Jesus,” freshman baseball player Graham Dykes says about freshman catcher Ben Stevens. With curly, dark brown hair down past his shoulder, Ben Stevens fits the description. He was labeled the “Jesus guy” on campus from week one, but his teammates certainly feel as though the description fits…

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