MUD Week 2018 was a successful week of games that the SOS student-led staff put together.

On Saturday, Aug. 11, the freshman were greeted by the yellow-shirted SOSers as they moved into the dorms. MUD Week kick off started with Trivia night and ended with the CBC Hunger Games.

“I think MUD Week Kickoff went great,” said senior and SOS red team member Mackenzie Crocker. “Our first Trivia Night was a success and got the competitive spirit going for the week! Hunger Games was right after Trivia, and this event got all the teams up and working together, which was a blast!”

On Sunday, the SOS team leaders hosted an event that consisted of all types of games such as Signs, Bag-o, board games and Can Jam. Sunday’s events concluded with a worship session led by sophomores Andrew Guyton and Tyler Sanders.

As Monday rolled around, the yellow team hosted Minute to Win It and challenged teams to balance hangers, empty a box of tissues with one hand and keep three balloons in the air. Orange team took the win when freshman Aiden Ratliff bounced a pingpong ball into a cup of water on his first try.

On Tuesday, the SOS staff took the freshman over to First Baptist Church Family Park where a hang out was held. Basketball, Nine Square and volleyball occupied the time spent at the church. For dinner, a luau took place.

“The luau was the first event I started talking and meeting new people,” said freshman Katie Vandergriff. “I really enjoyed the games and I overall got to know people on and off my team.”

Freshman and SOS members wore their cheesy Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts, and games such as Pineapple Knock Over and Flip Flop Toss were the highlight of the Luau party. Tuesday ended with an intense campus-wide game of Capture the Flag.

“My favorite event was Capture the Flag. The fast pace and chaos is what made the game so thrilling,” said freshman Riley Kret. “MUD Week was the best week of my summer. Talking to people and getting to know everyone was awesome!”

Green team won the game by capturing both the yellow and orange team’s flags.

Wednesday, the freshman headed out into the rain for Messy Olympics. Several students got pied in the face, did water balloon toss and finished off the event with shaving cream twister. Ultimate Frisbee Glow in the Dark took place Wednesday night. Every student wore their team’s color glow stick and they played 7 on 7, resulting in orange team taking the victory against the red team.

The last day of MUD Week was one to remember. The MUD Run Relay Race ended the week with stations that included eating gross food, opening up a frozen t-shirt and balancing an egg on a spoon. The orange, green, yellow and red teams concluded the relay race by sliding down the mud slide to initiate each freshman from being a Pony to a Mustang. Red team took fourth place, yellow team received third, green team got second and orange team won first place.

“Honestly, it was an amazing week but it took some hard work! I am so excited that I got to start off my senior year with a bang,” said senior and orange team leader Taylor Gasaway. “My SOS team put in so much work to encourage our students and pour into them as we competed; I owe them so much gratitude. I’m so proud of how this week went and how the SOSers took care of the freshman and transfers. They are truly wonderful and a very dedicated group of people."

After the Mud Run Relay Race, there was a Blue Party where the freshman and SOS staff got to celebrate ending the week.

”I really enjoyed meeting new freshman,” said Reese Hammontree. “I loved the competition part of MUD week and doing that in a friendly atmosphere was a great ice breaker into college!”

Photos by Emilee Brown, Haley Lingenfelter, Melody Siebenmann, and Jocelyn Waters

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