Fine Arts Department Puts on Final Spring Concert

On Thursday, April 27, the fine arts department put on their annual spring concert.

While reflecting on the concert, sophomore Taylor Gasaway said, “I think it went phenomenal, we all did our best.”

Tim Gunter, director of bands, commended the band for all their hard work this year.

Gunter said, “For their first year, they worked very hard and played very well.”

The night started with a performance by the CBC singers, followed by the band, then the handbells.

Senior Laura Embry directing the band. Photo by Sadie Backus

“I think that the concert was a big success,” said Kara Claybrook, adjunct instructor of music. “It’s neat to have the opportunity to have all the music ensembles to come together and present what they worked on.”

Once the handbells were finished, the worship choir began to sing. When these groups finished, the women’s chorus and the chamber choir performed.

The night ended with the choir and the band coming together for the grand finale. Members of the choir lined the sides of the Burgess Auditorium and sang with the audience while the band played Chris Tomlin’s “Jesus Messiah”.

Gunter said that “Jesus Messiah” was his favorite moment of the concert. “When we get everybody together, including the audience and we are singing and praising the Lord, it doesn’t get any better than that,” said Gunter.

Audience member, Jordan Bowen, also enjoyed singing “Jesus Messiah”.

“The last song, when everyone joined in, even the crowd and the band. Every part of it was just worship of Jesus Messiah,” said Bowen.

Photo by Sadie Backus

Zach Gurney

Zach Gurney is a junior at CBC. He is currently working towards a Bachelor's of Arts in Education with an emphasis on middle level Language Arts and Social Sciences. He is also working towards a Bachelor's in Youth Ministry from Central Arkansas Baptist Bible Institute. Throughout his life, Zach has had to endure many heart aches but as the saying goes, "what does not kill you makes you stronger.” Zach has steadily gotten stronger and drawn closer to God through each storm that has come his way.

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