Little Women

On April 6-8, the Central Baptist College Fine Arts Department put on the musical, “Little Women.” The performers said they were very pleased with the way the musical turned out, especially with the amount of short  rehearsal time.

Senior Shelbbie Daugherty says that she grew up reading the book “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott, and Beth March, who she played, was one of her favorite characters. Daugherty also states that she was honored to have the opportunity to portray Beth in the musical.

“Being able to experience the connection between Jo and Beth was my favorite part of this experience,” says Daugherty. “I hope we put off a really good message about family and how to come together in the times of trials and hardships.”

Stage manager Shayla Green, a junior at CBC, says that she was recruited for the position by adjunct drama instructor Jana Jones, a family friend and co-director of the musical, who was aware of Green’s past experience with stage managing.

“Honestly opening night was my favorite because we did the show in twelve rehearsals and it was in the middle of [most of the actors] going on choir tour so they had other priorities and other responsibilities going on in the middle of it as well so it was hard to see everything coming together until it did Thursday night,” says Green.  “I was very pleased as a whole with how the show turned out.”

Seniors Shelbbie Daugherty, Laura Embry, Lindsey Pruss and Stephanie Battles during dress rehearsal. Photo by Ruth Cheng

Freshman Jordan James says that the main reason he attended the play is because he wanted to see his friends perform. James says that the musical was exactly what he expected it to be and he loved every song and scene in the musical.

“The overall performance went excellent! I was super impressed! I could tell they really put their all into it and it was a great play,” says James.

Suzanne Banister, assistant professor of music, says that she chooses the musicals based on the students available, their voice types and personalities. For “Little Women,” she says she had exactly the right people for every character.

“My favorite part was watching the students grow in each of their characters. I was very pleased and thought they did an excellent job,” says Banister. “So many details go into putting a performance together, but it’s very worthwhile to do something like this because the students learn and grow so much while doing it.”

Photo by Ruth Cheng'

Shelby Redmond

Shelby Redmond is a sophomore reporter for the Tower Web and is a DJ for Tower Radio. She is from Lewisville, AR and loves to try new things.

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